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In this fast-paced tutorial, Allison shows you 14 tips and tricks in iOS 14. Most of the tips will also work in iPadOS, and nearly all will work regardless of your iPhone model. These tips will speed you up and reveal functionality you may not have known iOS even had.

You may have been using iOS for a very long time and think you can’t be surprised, but even if only a couple of these tips are news to you, it will be worth it. And if you’re new to iOS, buckle up!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Spotlight Search
  • Moving Apps with Page Controls
  • Keyboard as a Trackpad
  • Mass Delete Emails
  • 4 Ways to Launch Your Camera
  • Insert Documents in Mail
  • 2X Camera When Portrait Fails
  • Camera Exposure and Focus Lock
  • Reader View
  • Print to PDF
  • Let your iPhone Read to You
  • Search in Settings (Bonus Tip!)
  • Secret Settings in Control Center
  • Screen Brightness for Video Calls
  • Show iOS Screen in Zoom

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Gérard Munier

Thanks for this excellent tutorial, Allisonl!
I've been waiting for it since… October last year.
I do miss the good ole' times when, soon after a new OS got released, Don would thoroughly explain its tips and tricks. Now I need to search the web or… wait.


Don McAllister

Hey Gerard, I still do honest! For example, did a Big Sir Update show in November 2020 followed by 7 Big Sur tip shows in December and January. Planning to do the same this year :)

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