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For the first time, the iPhone and the iPad each have their own version of iOS: iOS 13 and the brand new iPadOS.

In this episode, Don takes a first look at these operating systems and highlights some of the new and changed features across both devices.

In the upcoming months, we will take a look at many more new features for both iOS and iPadOS.

The full tutorial covers:

  • iOS 13 - Dark Mode
  • iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 - Text Editing
  • iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 - Mobile Safari
  • iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 - Files App
  • iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 - Mail App
  • iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 - Photos App
  • iPadOS 13 - Home Screen & Dark Mode
  • iPadOS 13 - Multitasking
  • iPadOS 13 - Apple Pencil
  • iPadOS 13 - QuickType Keyboard

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Olen Lacy

I don't usually watch iPad tutorials, as I don't own one, but the wife does, but I am about to purchase a new iPhone 11 to replace my 5. So I was watching this to learn of new features/gestures in iOS 13. I found it really hard to follow without the use of a contact point to see where you were selecting things. It was a bit too fast also.

Keep up the good works
Grumpy in Texas


Don McAllister

Hi Olen,

Sorry you found it hard to follow. I agree we perhaps need to re-introduce a few more indicators. Leave it with us.


Don McAllister

Hey Olen, On checking it looks like there were several sections in the original show that did not have the usual taps and visual indicators. No wonder you found it difficult to follow. We have now fixed the problem and re-published the show - you should find this one much better.

Apologies that it slipped through our usual QA processes.

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