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Spark is a beautiful and intelligent Email app with a huge following. It's been available for iPad and iPhone for quite a while and last month saw the release of a brand new version for the Mac.

By popular request, I take a look at the new version of Spark on the Mac, the iPad and iPhone in this week's episode, as well as a look at the Apple Watch App.

With Smart Inbox, a powerful search tool, iCloud settings sync and more, Spark might just be the replacement for Apple Mail you've been looking for!

The full tutorial covers

  • Introduction
  • Smart Inbox
  • Touch Bar Options
  • Sending + Side Bar Config
  • Moving Emails & Searching
  • Misc Preferences
  • Spark for iPad
  • Processing Emails - iPad
  • Side Bar Configuration - iPad
  • Widgets - iPad
  • Sending Emails - iPad
  • Connected Services - iPad
  • Misc Preferences - iPad
  • Spark on the iPhone
  • Spark on the Apple Watch

Show Links:

Spark for the Mac - Mac App Store Link

Spark for iOS - iOS App Store Link

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Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Gray Hodge

Great show, I'm glad you did a review of Spark, a worthy app! Frankly, I've been jumping between spark and airmail for some time, not being sure what to use, both are good. The feature in spark that really settled the debate for me was in its swipe to Evernote feature.
Airmail allows swipe/send to Evernote, but spark goes one step further, it gives the option of which Evernote notebook to send to. This is huge for a dedicated Evernote user such as me.
It means don't have to double handle an email (as in airmail) by sending it to a default Evernote notebook such as In or, then having to move to another notebook.

So, it's Spark for me.


Hi Gray, Pity I didn't mention this in the show - very useful. Limited in that it's only in the iOS version or am I missing something?

John Waters

Great tutorial. Many things to like--even love--about Spark for Mac and iOS. One thing: I seem to be doing a lot of manually categorizing. Does Spark learn my category preferences? In other words, does it respond to my decisions about whether a sender should be labeled Personal, Newsletters, or Notifications for trhe Smart Inbox? Thanks!

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