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Date : 22nd January 2021

Duration: 34:11

Show ref: SCOM1015

In this screencast, Rosemary shows you ForkLift, a dual pane file manager packed with useful features. Whether you have servers to connect to, invisible files that you need to work on, or folders that you want open side by side in a single window, ForkLift comes to the rescue with functionality not available in Finder.

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ForkLift 2

Date : 5th December 2010

Duration: 35:58

Show ref: SCOM0279

?Imagine an application that’s both a Finder replacement and a super fast File Transfer application supporting a multitude of industry standard protocols. An application that also allows you to mount remote file systems just like local drives, synchronises between drives, allows for in place editing of remote files and has a bundle of other really useful utilities that you’d usually expect to find in separate packages. Well, imagine no longer as ForkLift 2 has been released and is all these things.... and more!