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In the Notability Foundations installment, Allison taught you how to use many of the tools in the toolbox, how to convert or search handwritten text, how to draw geometric shapes, how to use Templates for your virtual "paper" and more.

In this tutorial she’ll walk you through some more advanced features covering many ways Notability can be a great companion whether recording lectures (or even Apple keynotes!), more handwriting using Apple Pencil and Zoom View, using the versatile ruler for more precise drawing of lines and shapes, and a lot more. Get ready to take your Notability skills up a few notches.

Notability for iPad requires iPadOS 16.0 or newer.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Voice Recordings [00:00:24]
  • Voice Recording During WWDC 2024 [00:05:45]
  • Stickers & Stickie Notes [00:07:02]
  • Zoom View [00:09:26]
  • Laser with Presentations [00:11:33]
  • Quiz Yourself with the Tape Tool [00:12:15]
  • Ruler [00:13:17]
  • Modify Toolbar with Gear [00:14:42]
  • Mathematical Equations [00:15:59]
  • Import from Cloud Services [00:17:33]
  • Organizing Your Notes and Documents [00:19:33]
  • Gallery [00:22:37]
  • Settings [00:23:06]

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Notability for macOS

Notability for iOS and iPadOS

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Notability website

The Notability Blog

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