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Retrobatch, from the creator of the well-known image editor Acorn, is a highly capable image manipulation tool that uses drag-and-drop nodes to build workflows. In this tutorial, Allison starts by making a very simple workflow that adds a border to a group of images very quickly, then walks through the interface using this as an example. You then go through a more complicated example with Allison of how Rules and JavaScript (part of the Pro version of the app) helped her solve a real-life problem. You will surely think of multiple ways Retrobatch can assist you in processing your images.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Creating Our First Workflow [00:01:46]
  • Creating a Droplet [00:08:50]
  • Editing Droplet Workflows [00:10:48]
  • Creating a Write Node On the Fly [00:11:39]
  • Tokens for File & Folder Naming [00:12:15]
  • Retrobatch Pro vs. Regular [00:15:27]
  • Rules and JavaScript [00:17:05]
  • Multiple Ways to Add Nodes [00:20:35]
  • Manual Node Line Control [00:22:13]
  • Disable Nodes [00:29:05]
  • Workflow Notes [00:30:26]

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Comparison - Retrobatch Pro vs. Regular

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Tommy Weir

Such an excellent app, nicely done, Allison.

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