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Update: August 2023 - Vectornator Pro has been rebranded as Linearity Curve.

Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer are the big names in vector design programs. These are highly capable, but highly complex programs. Affinity Designer for iPad just came out and it's also highly capable but with a steep learning curve. If you want to learn to design with vectors, or you only need to make simple designs, these programs can be overkill.

The free Vectornator Pro for iOS might be just what you need. While an Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro is a fantastic way to create artwork with Vectornator Pro, it also works well on the small screens of the iPhone.

Don't be fooled into thinking Vectornator Pro can't be used for more advanced design. Allison demonstrates Bezier curves, gradients, layers, and more. Vectornator Pro even integrates with Adobe's Creative Cloud and has built-in assets for building artwork for mobile applications. And did we mention that it's free?

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Settings
  • New Blank Document
  • Pen tool - caps and joints
  • Pen tool - Bezier curves
  • Pencil vs. Brush with Apple Pencil
  • Scissors vs Eraser
  • Eyedropper
  • Plain Text and Text on Path
  • Rotate - Resize and move
  • Multi-Selection
  • Boolean operations
  • Layers and arranging
  • Arrange menu
  • Flip vertical and horizontal
  • Align paths
  • Snapping
  • Mobile device artwork
  • Export Options
  • Vectornator Pro on iPhone
  • Grouping Objects

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Vectornator Pro - iOS App Store

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Gray Hodge

Thank you, that was an excellent tutorial on an absolutely stunning app. I have worked with vectors for 35 years with very expensive software in my signmaking business, I never thought that an iPad app could encompass so many sophisticated features of the software I’ve used. If I can learn to use it as well as you do I can see this being a great tool as an extension of the design I do in my workshop. Well done, and thank you for making me aware of this app.

Allison Sheridan

Update from 2023 - Vectornator has been rebranded as Linearity Curve and is availalbe now at

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