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HomePod Overview

Date: 23rd February 2018

Duration: 33:11

Show ref: SCOM0711

Apple's new HomePod is now with us.

In this live video episode, Don takes a look at the new HomePod and reviews its basic functions as well as the various ways of interacting with it using your Apple devices.

Tip - AirPod Tips

Date: 6th February 2018

Duration: 05:24

Show ref: SCOM0706

This weekly tip takes a look at Apple's fantastic AirPods. Some quick and easy ways to check on your battery status, AirPod configuration, and how to quickly and effortlessly select your AirPods with your Apple TV.

iStat Menus

Date: 3rd November 2017

Duration: 47:54

Show ref: SCOM0679

iStat Menus 6 from Bjango is a terrific update to an essential Mac utility. This update brings a host of new options on how to display information about the performance of your Mac. New colors, new icons, new graphs; it's all about tailoring to your needs.

In this update show, Allison Sheridan will demonstrate the new features that have been added since her tutorial from July 2015, SCOM0513.

You'll learn about the enhanced options in tracking CPU/GPU performance, memory management, disk speed, network speed, thermal sensors, battery and power, including connected Bluetooth devices, date and time, and an entirely new section providing local weather.

The folks at Bjango have even added notifications to alert you of problems such as a process that has been chewing up too much CPU for too long, a sensor that's reading high temperatures, or if your disk is getting dangerously full.

Allison will also demonstrate a pair of utilities (iStat Server and iStat View) that allows you to monitor the computers (Macs, PCs or Linux boxes) on your network. This can be done from either an iOS device or a Mac.

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Disk Repair Utilities

Date: 12th May 2017

Duration: 48:32

Show ref: SCOM0629

Monitoring and maintaining the drive(s) on your Mac is essential to keeping your Mac running and your information accessible.

Apple includes Disk Utility with every macOS installation which does help with many issues that could affect your hard drive or SSD, but what happens if Disk Utility isn't enough?

In this tutorial, Todd Olthoff takes a look at a number of third party utilities that help to monitor, maintain, repair or recover your disks in the event of problems.

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Synology NAS - Part 3

Date: 14th April 2017

Duration: 48:32

Show ref: SCOM0621

The third and final part of the current series on setting up and using a Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.

Once you've started to store lots of important data on your NAS, you'll want to be sure that your data is safely secured with an offsite backup.

Synology Cloud Station ShareSync allows you to sync your important files with another Synology NAS, or you can use Cloud Sync to backup your files to a third-party cloud service like DropBox, BackBlaze, Google Drive, Box and many other services. In this episode, we demonstrate setting up and using both of these important packages.

If your primary reason for wanting a NAS is for it to act as a media server, we also demonstrate the initial setup, configuration and ongoing maintenance of Plex Media Server - installed directly on your Synology NAS.

Finally, we take a look at the surprisingly powerful Synology Surveillance Station, a free suite of utilities that turn your Synology NAS into a video recording hub for home or business security.

We hope you've found these Synology NAS tutorials useful and we'll revisit the topic in the future. If you have any specific areas of configuring or using a Synology NAS you would like us to cover in future shows, please let us know.

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Synology NAS - Part 2

Date: 17th March 2017

Duration: 43:53

Show ref: SCOM0613

In the second part of this occasional series, we take a look at using the Synology NAS to provide centralised storage.

At the core of your Synology NAS is DSM (Disk Station Manager) - a fully featured, server based operating system, optimised to manage your storage.

In this episode, we take a look at configuring DSM to share files and folders and set up user accounts.

As well as the more traditional file sharing capabilities, Synology provide a suite of applications called "Cloud Station Suite" - a range of free applications which allow you to create your own private sync services and in effect, set up your own private Cloud. We demonstrate how to set up the syncing services between your Mac, your NAS and your iOS devices - all for free and with no ongoing costs.

To learn more about the initial setup of a Synology NAS, be sure to check out episode SCOM0611 - Synology NAS - Part 1

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Synology NAS - Part 1

Date: 10th March 2017

Duration: 47:32

Show ref: SCOM0611

As promised, this week we start the first in an occasional service covering the setup, configuration and usage of a Networked Storage device (NAS) in your home or small business environment.

Whether it be for local file storage, for local backup, to act as media server, to act as an email server and more, a NAS can provide you with amazing levels of functionality and resiliance for much less than the cost of a dedicated PC or Mac server.

In this episode I take a look at selecting a NAS and the initial setup and configuration in a home enviroment. The episode is based on the Synology DS216+II, an inexpensive, yet very capable Network Attached Storage device.

As well as the initial setup and configuration, I also demonstrate accessing the NAS using DS Finder - an iOS app that allows you to access the NAS locally over across the internet.

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Airport Networking

Date: 19th August 2016

Duration: 37:20

Show ref: SCOM0571

Setting up a WiFi network and connecting it to the Internet is something we do very infrequently. In this episode, I take a high level look at setting up an Airport Extreme to create a brand new Wifi Network, as well as extending it wirelessly with an Airport Express.

I also take a look at my current network configuration and using an Airport Express to create some remote Airport Speakers, and configuring a standard USB printer to share via an Airport Express.

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Plex - Home Videos, Sharing & Synology - Part 3

Date: 18th December 2015

Duration: 39:39

Show ref: SCOM0535

The third and final Plex instalment. Following on from the previous Plex episodes, I take a further look at some of the benefits of a full Plex Pass subscription.

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Plex Media Server & Apple TV and iOS Apps

Date: 20th November 2015

Duration: 46:12

Show ref: SCOM0531

With the advent of the Plex Apple TV app, Plex has suddenly become hugely popular with the Mac community.

Use Plex to organise, play and share your local media library.

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iPad Pro - First Impressions

Date: 13th November 2015

Duration: 14:21

Show ref: SCOI0244

With the launch of the stunning new iPad Pro, Don takes a look within the first 24 hours and gives his first impressions.

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Apple TV - 4th Generation

Date: 6th November 2015

Duration: 35:52

Show ref: SCOM0528

Apple’s hobby finally makes the mainstream with the launch of the new Apple TV. In this episode, I take you through the setup and explore some of the basic features of the new device.

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Managing Multiple Macs - Updated

Date: 17th July 2015

Duration: 26:44

Show ref: SCOM0512

Managing multiple Macs is so much easier than it used to be.

Whether you're swapping between a couple of desktops or a desktop and a laptop, there are numerous cloud based services that will synchronise your files and information. 

In this episode, I demonstrate the various services I use to enable me to swap between using my Mac Pro and Macbook as seamlessly as possible, either at home or on the road.

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iBeacon Technology - Part 3

Date: 27th February 2015

Duration: 18:30

Show ref: SCOI0206

In this third and final part, I explore further iBeacon technology and Estimote Beacons.

This time, I demonstrate just how easy it is to generate text, images, audio, video, etc, and have that content pushed to an iPhone or iPad when in proximity to an Estimote Beacon. All without a line of code and for free!

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iBeacon Technology - Part 2

Date: 20th February 2015

Duration: 12:48

Show ref: SCOI0205

Following on from last week, I explore further iBeacon technology and Estimote Beacons.

Estimote Beacons are delivered fully configured and working straight out of the box. However, once you've signed up for an Estimote Cloud account, you can use the Estimote iOS App (or their website) to tweak the settings on each Beacon. In the first part of the show I show you what is configurable and how to do it.

In the second part of the show, I demonstrate a typical use for iBeacon technology using a 3rd party app called "Launch Here" - an app launcher that you can configure to launch specific applications when you approach a designated Beacon.

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iBeacon Technology - Part 1

Date: 13th February 2015

Duration: 13:35

Show ref: SCOI0204

iBeacon and Beacons - We've all heard about this new technology brought in with iOS7, but what's it all about?

iBeacon is a technology built on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and allows your iPhone or iPad to connect seamlessly (and with zero configuration) to small, low powered Beacons when you approach them. This has huge potential for Retail, Education, Businesses and even around the home.

In this week's show I try to set out to de-mystify what iBeacon is and start to explore some of its potential.

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BetterTouchTool & Leap Motion Controller

Date: 20th September 2014

Duration: 26:10

Show ref: SCOM0470

Gestures on the Magic TrackPad are all well and good, but they are a bit limited.

In this episode, I take a look at creating custom gestures using BetterTouchTool (BTT).

You're only limited by your imagination as BTT includes support for a wide range of actions as well as custom keyboard shortcuts.

As well as the Magic TrackPad, you can also use it on your Magic Mouse, MacBook TrackPad or even the Leap Motion Controller.

I also include a short video snippet of the leap Motion Controller in action, being controlled by BetterTouchTool gestures.

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Wireless Storage with the LaCie Fuel Drive

Date: 25th July 2014

Duration: 17:58

Show ref: SCOI0173

One of the biggest frustrations when traveling is having to rely on the limited storage on both my iPad and iPhone, especially when trying to select the movies I want to take with me. This is made worse by trying to decide which movies need to go on which device.

The solution to the problem is to use external storage, preferably a drive with wireless connectivity.

This week, I take a look at the LaCie Fuel Drive - either 1 or 2TB of external storage in a small, compact enclosure with both USB3 and built in WifI capability. Perfect, especially with its 10 hours of battery life!

I also take a look at the companion app for managing the Fuel Drive - Seagate Media - as well as a look at a much better solution for playing media on your iPad or iPhone via the LaCie Fuel drive - Infuse.

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Mac Pro Update & Mac Migration

Date: 16th May 2014

Duration: 31:58

Show ref: SCOM0452

Not a normal show and not a Mac Montage! This week, I thought I'd pull the curtains back and bring you up to speed with how I'm getting on with the Mac Pro. In preparation for the arrival of the Mac Pro, I had a rethink on how I manage my files and how I might want the disk layout to be organised.

It's not all "navel gazing" though, as I examine some useful techniques for relocating some of your application data, as well as migrating your user account and data from one Mac to another.

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AppleTV v3 & aTV Flash Update

Date: 18th December 2009

Duration: 31:52

Show ref: SCOM0229

Time for a quick update on the new version of the Apple TV with it's brand new slick interface.