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Hookmark 5 - Updates

Date : 30th June 2023

Duration: 32:01

Show ref: SCOM1269

In show 837, Don covered Hook for macOS, an interesting utility that can link documents in both directions on your Mac to make it easy to switch between contexts and work on related documents stored anywhere on your computer. Since that screencast, the application has evolved and even has a new name: Hookmark. Now at version 5, it brings some new functionality and in this video, Lee revisits some of the core principles of the app before diving into its new features, as well as Hookmark's integration with several important apps, such as Drafts, Fantastical, and OmniOutliner.

Tip - Hook 3.1 Update

Date : 15th June 2021

Duration: 09:52

Show ref: SCOM1056

In this video, Lee walks through some of the new features with Hook on macOS (now known as Hookmark). First covered in May 2019 as a beta application, Hook continues to improve and with the release of version 3.1, has innovated and continues to add more features to its already impressive arsenal. Lee reviews why Hook is so useful, as well as looks at some of the new applications that have compatibility and new features such as Deep PDF Linking.

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Hook for macOS

Date : 10th May 2019

Duration: 31:04

Show ref: SCOM0837

Invariably, working on the Mac involves a multitude of different apps, different information sources, and different file formats. We often struggle to keep all these elements together in one form or another by grouping them into folders or assigning tags. But invariably, it's difficult to manage and it becomes a burden or, we might end up abandoning it altogether. This is where Hook (now known as Hookmark) comes in.

Hook is a unique application that solves the problem in an elegant and simple-to-use fashion. Use Hook to "link" documents, images, videos, web pages, and more, using simple keystrokes or drag and drop. Your files can reside anywhere on your system and Hook makes it very simple to switch between them, keep everything accessible.

It's a revelation!