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Focos is an iOS app optimised for dual-lens iPhones. These devices can create Portrait Mode photographs with a sharp subject and a blurry background. With the advent of iOS 11 and the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), Portrait Mode images store depth information data. Focos uses this data and allows you to manipulate the images after they've been taken.

You'll learn in this tutorial how to move the focus point and how to change the blurriness of the background, called the bokeh. You'll also discover how to change exactly how far back in the image the bokeh begins and ends using an unusual 3D view of your image. Allison will also show you how to use various filters to edit your images, again applying these effects to different areas of your image, by depth, alongside the bokeh.

Focos is an innovative app for iOS that works on your images in a truly unique way!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Setting High Efficiency Format
  • Installing Focos
  • Tap to Focus
  • Viewing Depth Data
  • Adjusting Bokeh Depth
  • Saving and Depth Data
  • Apply Filters by Depth
  • About Pre-iOS 11 Portraits
  • Camera Settings
  • Settings - Save Original Picture
  • Camera Modes
  • Pro Features - Lights
  • Pro Lenses
  • Crop Features
  • Using Help

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Robert Dixon

Nicely done, as usual, Allison. I think this is a lot of app for no cost and a great deal the money if one decides to buy the app on any of the option plans. Thank you so much! RL

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