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iA Writer is a powerful plain text editor built to give you total ownership of the words you write. It gives you a clean, simple, and distraction-free writing interface that is available all on Apple platforms, as well as Windows and Android. iA Writer bucks the subscription trend by offering a quality productivity app as a one-time purchase for each.

In this tutorial, Mike walks you through some of the unique features in iA Writer like the Keyboard Bar (and how to customize it), syntax highlighting, tasks, export options, and more.

The full tutorial covers

  • Interface Basics
  • Markdown Elements in iA Writer
  • End of Preview
  • Keyboard Bar
  • Editor Options
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Tasks
  • Basic Editor Settings
  • Exporting Your Text
  • The Library
  • Smart Folders
  • Settings
  • iA Writer on the Mac

App Store Links:

iA Writer - iOS App Store

iA Writer - Mac App Store

Show Links:

iA Writer - Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

Ken Taylor

Disappointed that you left the tutorial in dark mode. For the life of me it's difficult to see what you're doing. I had to stop watching. My suggestion: do two tutorials one in white the other in dark. I'll see what you have on your website, but I'm sorry to say, this is a "thumbs down" VDO for that reason.


Mike Schmitz

My apologies, Ken. FWIW the defat to dark mode was a decision for this video as I though it looked better, but is not a general practice for the site.


Don McAllister

Hey Ken, I've been doing all the Mac videos in Dark Mode for a long time now and had no complaints. Obviously, making two videos for each topic is not really viable. We'll use our discretion if we feel the topic needs to be in Light Mode. Sorry you had issues with this particular video.

Ken Taylor

@Don ad @Mike,
Yeah, I'm a bit of an old foggy about Dark. I appreciate both your comments. That being said, I just want to highlight one point. The Dark mode was mentioned as being useful for nighttime work. Please add a footnote to watch the VDO at night. Just kidding LOL! Seriously, I have a very difficult time reading some of the iTunes movie descriptions that are in red text on black. I can't believe that so many people enjoy reading dark. But again, I thank you for letting me spout off my feelings. I have to say this is the ONE thing that I really dislike, but I realize I'm in the minority. I'm trying to be more tolerant. Now let's end this on a positive note! I'm going to buy iA! Thank you again Don & Mike.


Don McAllister

Hey Ken, I absolutely see where you're coming from. We love all feedback here at ScreenCastsOnline, it's all positive!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out.


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