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Everyone who uses an iPhone has to negotiate the keyboard from time to time and sometimes it can feel laborious. However there are some little-known tricks available that will elevate your typing skills and help you master your device. Whether it's discovering new keyboards or the hidden trackpad feature for precise cursor movement, this video from Lee is worth ten minutes of your time.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Slide To Type & Shake to Undo [00:00:30]
  • Quick Access to Numbers and Symbols [00:01:18]
  • Long Pressing Keys [00:02:02]
  • Double and Triple Tap [00:02:59]
  • Quick Period [00:03:27]
  • Left Hand or Right Hand Typing [00:04:04]
  • Keyboard Trackpad [00:04:25]
  • Dictation [00:04:54]
  • Using Text Replacement [00:05:39]
  • Using Third -party Keyboards [00:07:16]

Video Tutorial Comments

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Oh Nooo! You shared my Japanese keyboard emoticon secrets with everyone!

Well, now that the secrets out of the bag, i think a lot of Japanese language learners and Japan-o-philes may appreciate the Japanese keyboard other extras as well. Many of the symbol keys have quadruple the options when using the 'alternative letter' longpress. And they may find that the romaji to kanji predictions are equal to, if not better than any Japanese translation/dictionary app. The 'Japanese - Handwriting' keyboard is also great fun, as it provides a writing pad where you can draw kanji ideographs before choosing the correct iOS autocomplete word prediction.


Lee Garrett

Sorry to share your secrets! I didn't know about this until I did some more research and always wondered how those amazing emoticons were created, so no way I could keep that nugget to myself.!

Great information you.provide there in your comment, I'll be sure to check it out.

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