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With the release of iOS 17.2, Apple joins the journaling space with their own app, Journal. It does a lot of things well, including making it easy to reflect on significant events that have happened recently, and the ability to add entries in a variety of ways. It also offers a Journaling Suggestions API, that other apps can use to enhance their own journaling experiences.In this video, Mike walks through the basic types of info and media that you can use for journal entries, and explains how to send things to the Journal app using the Share Sheet. He also shows you how the Journaling Suggestions API works in the popular app Day One.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Run [00:00:58]
  • Adding Our First Entry [00:04:14]
  • Adding Photos & Audio Recordings [00:04:58]
  • Journaling Suggestions [00:09:14]
  • Adding Activities [00:11:33]
  • Event Suggestions [00:13:20]
  • Podcast & Music Entries [00:14:55]
  • Journal App Settings [00:17:21]
  • Setting a Schedule [00:20:07]
  • Turning Off Suggestions [00:20:46]
  • Saving via the Share Sheet [00:21:15]
  • Saving Web Links [00:22:29]
  • Filtering Entries [00:23:05]
  • Journaling Suggestions in Day One [00:25:40]

App Store Links:

Apple's Journal on the App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

David Bennett

I have a suggestion for Apple that, perhaps in the next iteration, they could make it so that a person could isolate the posts on a specific event, such as a holiday and export all the entries as a whole to a blog

James Robertson

I wondered, when you entered an entry about wanting to meet up with someone in the future for another dinner, whether there's a simple link to the Reminders app that could be entered at the same time, since apparently there's no direct link to the Calendar app.


Mike Schmitz

Not to my knowledge, no. Pasting from a shared Reminders link seems to just paste the text of the title of the Reminder into the Journal app.

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