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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are one of the most misunderstood and, to many people, mysterious areas of technology. Despite a chequered past, Bitcoin is on the cusp of becoming mainstream and has seen its value soar over the past few years.

So what is Bitcoin, what is the blockchain, and why is it important?

In this first of a two-part series, I'll try and unravel the mysteries of Bitcoin and show you some of the common services and software that allow you to gain entry into the world of cryptocurrency.

Although Bitcoin is not Mac-or iOS-related, I explore Mac and iOS software that help you manage your Bitcoins, and take a look at one of the most popular web-based exchanges for converting USD and Euros into Bitcoins or fractions of a Bitcoin.

The full tutorial contains multiple chapters covering:

  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Overview
  • Exodus - Mac Wallet
  • Buying Bitcoin
  • Exploring Coinbase
  • Coinbase iOS App
  • Bread for iOS

Show Links:

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Bread Wallet for iOS

Exodus Wallet for Mac

Hardware Wallets


Nano Ledger S

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Video Tutorial Comments

(20 comments posted)

Richard Johnston

How about backing up the bitcoins you have in Bread?
I am so glad you did this topic, I have been wanting to ask you but thought it might be too far off topic for you. I think your presentation was brilliant (see I'm learning to talk UK).


Hi Richard, When you set up the wallet in Bread you need to write down the 12 word seed that is provided. This allows you to restore your Bread Wallet (along with any bitcoins or partial bitcoins) you have stored in there.

Reinier De Groot

The usage of bitcoins is so very trivial and by most experts called nothing more than a very dangerous bubble and last but not least a route for criminals for money laundering. Certainly not a Mac specific topic But more suited for a general consumers site or financial site. This is so far off topic of supporting the average Mac user. One episode would be acceptable, but spending 2 episodes on such a trivial subject is, at least for me, too much!


Hi Reinier,

Thanks for your feedback on this week's show.

I'm sorry that you're displeased with the topic, but it's always that case with such a wide and diverse audience, we can't please all of the people all of the time. If only two videos out of over one hundred we produce each year are off the mark for you, that's not too bad. I've had some great feedback on Twitter and email from members appreciative of both the content and the timing.

Our main aim at ScreenCastsOnline is to educate and inform.

There is a tremendous amount of interest in Bitcoin at the moment, but also a tremendous amount of FUD. The tutorials are aimed at giving those people who can see the potential of Bitcoin and the Blockchain - and there are many - some technical guidance and the benefit of my experience over the past few months. I am also extremely sensitive to ensuring that members who do wish to partake in obtaining bitcoin or partial bitcoin, have the best information to safely manage their "investment", hence the video next week looking at a hardware wallet. The shows are in no way aimed at recommending or suggesting that everyone should go out and purchase bitcoins or partial bitcoins. The main aim is to familiarise people with the core concepts and enable them to partake if they so wish.

I have to take issue with your comment about bitcoins being "a very dangerous bubble" and "a route for criminals...". This may well have had an element of truth in the early days of Bitcoin, but this view is extremely outdated.

Many of the large institutional investors are headed into the Bitcoin space for example:

1. CME Bitcoin futures get regulatory approval to launch in 2018
2. NASDAQ is to launch Bitcoin futures in 2018
3. Coinbase has announced custodian accounts for institutional investors
4. The Square cash app has started to offer Bitcoin for retail investors

The proverbial tip of the iceberg.

As far as it not being strictly Mac or iOS related, I completely agree, but we do occasionally go off on a tangent if I think the topic is sufficiently important enough or timely. However, I'm not sure if you've actually watched the tutorial, but it features both a Mac app and an iOS wallet app for storing bitcoins. Interestingly, the Coinbase iOS app has been the number one finance app in the App Store this week.

Far from being a trivial subject, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general, may well be the future of money and could have a potentially huge impact in the future. At least ScreenCastsOnline viewers who watch the episodes will have a head start of becoming familiar with the topic.

I really would recommend checking out some of the resources I've posted on the main show page to fully understand the potential impact of Bitcoin.

But please bear with us whilst we cover this important topic, we'll back on track on the usual Apple full shows immediately after, and of course, the weekly tips shows this week and next cover purely Apple related topics.


Reinier De Groot

Hi Don,

Thanks for your extensive answer. Very much appreciated. I wil focus on those 98 other videos you will be producing in 2018 :-)


Hi Reinier,

Yes, sorry for the long reply!

I'm sure you're not the only one who had similar notions so I thought it best to answer as fully as possible.

Plus I care immensely about what reactions people have to the shows, and felt as though I needed to just lay out some of my reasoning behind covering the topic.

Thanks for your understanding!

Amer Mall

Thank you! Appreciate your work on making this topic digestible!


Great – I hope you found it useful.

Gerry Stutters


Thank you for the Screencast about Bitcoin and I am looking forward to the second episode. This is a subject that, like yourself, I have considered looking into for a couple of years. However, you have now taken the hard work out of trying to understand what it is about.

I think it is arguable about being off topic. You used apps for all platforms to demonstrate the subject which is no different than other weeks. The only difference is that you have taken a current and very topical subject and married it with ‘how to use particular apps’. Rhetorically, what is the difference between, for example, a show on using Cardhop to handle contact data on a one's computer and Exodus to handle a cryptocurrency that will end up on one's computer?

For me, you have made life more interesting and saved me time with needing to investigate Bitcoin, thank you.


Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the feedback. I have to admit I did find the topic fascinating when I started to look into it in a bit more detail and I realised that many people would struggle understanding the subject or knowing where to start – hence the "leg up" :)

John Spadel

Thanks for the great bitcoin presentation. It went a long way in demystifying this topic. Looking forward to the second episode.


Thanks John.

I hope you found the second episode useful too.

Jim Leff

"A fool and his money are soon parted," and there is no greater fool than the person who tries to "get in" on a meteoric investment craze. This is the preeminent work on the subject:

The curve will NOT continue to arc toward infinity. By the time a craze inflames, it's already too late to safely enter. By the time you're seeing the craze covered on Mac Screencast sites, it's time to stand back and watch it all crash and burn.

Buy low, sell high, people.


Hi Jim,

I hope I emphasised that enough both in the shows and in the covering newsletters. I was not and would not recommend Bitcoin as a serious investment at this time. It is pure speculation but it does have some unique properties. I was merely aiming to educate and inform those people who wanted to understand the nuts and bolts of Bitcoin, and to give them a start in their own research.

David Bennett

Very good presentation, Don - a paradigm of clarity - and I'm interested because even if bitcoin et al fail, the blockchain principle is interesting in itself and may be something we will all use in the not-to-distant future.


Thanks David, The tech is intriguing and as you say, holds many promises for the future.

Leonard Owens

Great presentation! Please continue to mix it up; this information is also tech (Mac) driven, so, I feel it is very relevant. Thanks for the all you put in these videos! Just resubscribed for Year #2.


Hi Leonard,

Glad you liked it and thanks so much for renewing!

Naveen Kumar

Absolutely loved it. Thanks a bunch. I am experimenting with bitcoins worth 50 bucks. Its fascinating. Please keep up the good work.


Great. People tend to get hung up on the price volatility but the underlying technology is fascinating.

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