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With the free Google Forms, you can create surveys, polls or organize events that you can customize, including adding photos and choosing a theme. In this episode Allison walks you through the settings for Google Forms, and then shows you how the answer format you choose affects how people interact with your form. Multiple-choice vs. checkboxes, and grids vs. linear scales can provide a different type of answer and give you the right results. Join Allison and start creating forms easily.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Templates & Settings [00:00:48]
  • Quiz & Presentation Settings [00:01:26]
  • Starting a Form [00:04:22]
  • Multiple-choice, Checkboxes, and Dropdowns [00:05:19]
  • Saving Forms [00:07:48]
  • Moving Menus [00:08:17]
  • File Upload [00:09:05]
  • Linear Scale & Grids [00:10:23]
  • Date & Time [00:13:17]
  • Adding Images [00:14:31]
  • Inserting Videos [00:17:04]
  • Themes [00:18:03]
  • Rearranging & Sections [00:20:26]
  • "Fun Form" Example [00:23:38]
  • Summary of Responses [00:25:37]
  • Responses by Question [00:30:18]
  • Individual Responses [00:32:28]

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