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MacFamilyTree from Synium Software is a robust, feature-rich Mac app for building out extensive family trees. Darcy takes you through creating individual people and all the different types of information that can be recorded such as live events, physical details and stories.

Using the built-in demo family tree, you see how you can build one using multiple people and generations, all with their own details. MacFamilyTree has multiple ways of viewing your tree that can be exported with different tree types, reports, lists and even publishing your work as a complete book. It is a comprehensive apps filled with useful features that Darcy invites you to discover with him.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Creating a New Project [00:01:03]
  • A Look at the Demo Project [00:06:04]
  • Timeline [00:07:52]
  • Plausibility Checker [00:08:25]
  • Using Maps [00:09:00]
  • Actions, To-Do, & Change Log [00:09:37]
  • Options [00:10:27]
  • Options - Visuals [00:12:33]
  • Options - Persons [00:14:04]
  • Generation Bands & FamilySearch [00:14:48]
  • Style [00:15:47]
  • Persons & Smart Filters [00:16:10]
  • Groups [00:18:32]
  • Families, Places & Sources [00:19:10]
  • Assistant [00:21:58]
  • Maintenance - Search & Replace [00:23:25]
  • Charts [00:25:01]
  • Views [00:27:01]
  • Reports & Lists [00:29:29]
  • Publish [00:30:56]

App Store Links:

MacFamilyTree - AppStore

Show Links:

MacFamilyTree 10 - Demo

What's New in - Version 10

MacFamilyTree - Tech Specs

Video Tutorial Comments

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Tom Gonser

Interesting subject matter presentation. I would have liked to have learned a bit more about the listed capability for importing from GEDCOM files. Said otherwise, whether this type of file would provide a significant starter building block which could then be expanded by taking advantage of the many input features offered by the software being reviewed. Similarly, how much of the added information (e.g., "story") would be included if an export to GEDCOM is available from this software. Appreciated the systematic approach to an overview of the software.

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