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Following on from the recent Mastodon tutorial, this update show brings a new announcement from ScreenCastsOnline plus a look at some new innovative clients for iOS and the Mac.

ScreenCastsOnline members can now join a safe, moderated Mastodon instance run by ScreenCastsOnline - you'll find an invitation link in your member profile on the ScreenCastsOnline website. In this episode, Don takes you through accessing the new instance as well as giving optional instructions on how to migrate if you so desire. In addition, Don introduces you to three Mastodon clients: Mastonaut for the Mac along with Ice Cubes and Ivory for iOS.

The full tutorial covers:

  • [00:01:41]
  • End of Preview [00:04:52]
  • Migration [00:05:12]
  • Mastonaut for macOS [00:12:41]
  • Ice Cubes for iOS [00:16:18]
  • Remote Local Timelines [00:22:02]
  • Quoting Posts [00:23:27]
  • Ivory [00:25:04]
  • Using Lists [00:29:02]
  • Ivory Wrap Up [00:31:50]
  • Ice Cubes on macOS [00:32:38]

App Store Links:


Ice Cubes


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Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Kurt Werstein

Missing link from description to previous and recent show on Mastodon from SCO.


Don McAllister

Excellent point Kurt - will rectify that now!

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