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In this week's episode, Lee walks us through the basic features of MoneyWiz 3, a personal finance application for both macOS and iOS.

You will learn about setting up new accounts, connecting to online banks and institutions, creating budgets, as well as running reports and syncing your data between devices. If you're having difficulty managing a system for creating budgets, or are drowning in spreadsheets, this may be just the tutorial for you.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation Options
  • Adding Accounts
  • Creating Transactions
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Viewing Account Activity
  • Groups
  • Budgets
  • Online Banking
  • Reporting
  • Settings
  • MoneyWiz on iOS

App Store Links:

MoneyWiz 3 for iOS App Store

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Setapp Subscription Setapp

MoneyWiz Home Page - Website

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(2 comments posted)

Mark Baldry

Wonderful, really helpful. Thank you!


Lee Garrett

Thanks Mark. I can't lie, a financial screencast has a lot of potential things that can go wrong, so really appreciate the comment!

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