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In this video, Lee takes a look at a really useful multi-platform unit conversion application, Morpho Converter. Using the iPhone as his device of choice, he shows you how to perform simple conversions and configure the home screen with quick access conversions of your choice. You also learn about accessing country-specific units and currency information to help with your travels, and much more.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introducing Morpho Converter [00:00:48]
  • Units & Currencies [00:03:01]
  • Additional Options [00:03:33]
  • Customise Your List [00:04:32]
  • Long Press Menu [00:05:39]
  • Countries [00:06:37]
  • Settings [00:09:09]

App Store Links:

Morpho Converter - App Store

Show Links:

Morpho Converter - Developer Site

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