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On the face of it, Apple Reminders is a simple application. So simple in fact that you may have overlooked just how powerful it is. Combined with Siri, it can be extremely flexible and is available on every device. Reminders is not just for setting up things you want to be reminded about; you can use it for so much more.

In this episode Don covers most of the features of Reminders on both macOS and iOS, some of which may even surprise you.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Reminders UI
  • Creating Reminders
  • Organizing Lists and Reminders
  • Using Reminders with Other Apps
  • Siri on macOS
  • Reminders on iOS
  • Changing List Appearance
  • Siri on iOS

Video Tutorial Comments

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Rand Baldwin

Fantastic tutorial on the Reminders app!
Until I watched it, I had no idea what power resides in this app.
I've been using OmniFocus, but I may switch to Reminders since I don't need many of OF's features.


Don McAllister

Hi Rand, That's great! I have to admit that until I delved a bit deeper I had no idea of the hidden potential of the app.

Lynn York

Thanks for covering this. I like Reminders a lot, but have one issue that you might address in the future. When viewing Reminders on the Apple Watch, the Today items always come up first. This is very annoying when trying to view and check off items on a particular list, like Groceries. You have to touch back to Lists and select the specific list every time you raise your wrist. Maybe there are some prefs or tricks to get around this annoyance.


Don McAllister

Hi Lynn,

I seem to be dropped into my list view at the top level so I just scroll to the list I want. I've had a look and cant see a setting that forces this, mine just seems to default to the lists view?

Lynn York

Interesting. I have looked at settings for the watch and I don't see anything that sets that view. The only time I get the initial view as the list view, is when there it nothing in the Today list. Did you have something in your Today view when you tested it?


Don McAllister

Yes, I made sure I had a today event. It goes directly to the list view with my Today list bubble at the top.

Lynn York

Hmm, I wonder if OS and iOS versions make a difference? My watch is on 7.5 and phone on 14.6, but my Mac is still on Catalina.

GĂ©rard Munier

Another excellent, long awaited tutorial. Thanks Don!

Paul Nielan

Good tutorial. One small point. Not sure I agree with the "Set up meeting with Joe" example. The date of the meeting itself is one thing, the date that you want to set it up is different. Reminders is about setting it up. After it is set up, I would want it to be in my calendar. So the AI parsing in Reminders is not helpful in my opinion in that case and possibly confusing.

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