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If you are looking for an elegant dashboard-style app for controlling your HomeKit devices, Todd has got you covered in this week's tip. HomeDash brings a dashboard filled with widgets to your iOS device. Those widgets are customizable and create a look and feel that is not only beautiful but also quite functional, especially on iPad. Todd walks you through HomeDash's features and how to set up a dashboard. He also shows you his setup so you get a better feel for what this app can bring to your smart home experience.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Interface Customization [00:00:44]
  • Adding Widgets [00:03:03]
  • Controlling Individual Devices [00:06:24]
  • Scenes & Automation [00:08:38]
  • The Configuration Tab [00:11:12]
  • Always On Mode in HomeDash [00:12:05]
  • Todd's Setup [00:13:36]

App Store Links:

HomeDash - iOS App Store

Show Links:

HomeDash - Web site

HomeDash - Compatibility

Video Tutorial Comments

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Robert Herwick

Obviously you were not one of the victims of iOS 16.2 HomeKit "New Architecture". I and many users are locked out of HomeKit with no fix yet from Apple. If HomeKit ever works again this looks like a terrific app.


Don McAllister

Sorry to hear you’ve been impacted by the HomeKit upgrade issue. I noticed some negative reports a few weeks ago and mentioned it in the newsletter. Luckily I was able to hold off. Hope Apple resolved this asap, must be very frustrating.

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