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Today's HomeKit-driven smart home invariably includes many devices of various types, each with their unique code, serial number, and related information. This is normally not something you need unless one device stops working as expected and needs to be reset. Aaron Pearce's HomePass for HomeKit utility comes to the rescue by storing all the information you need for your devices and making it easily accessible. In this tip show, Todd walks through the process of adding your smart accessories to the app in two ways, and shows you how to properly organize and back up your database.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Add Existing Accessory [00:02:28]
  • Create New Accessory [00:04:41]
  • Adding Hue Bridge & Lightbulbs [00:05:55]
  • HomePass Settings [00:08:55]
  • HomePass on Apple Watch [00:10:33]

App Store Links:

HomePass for HomeKit - Mac App Store

HomePass for HomeKit - iOS App Store

Show Links:

HomePass - HomeKit Code Storage

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