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In this screencast, Judy introduces you to Jacquie Lawson and her online greeting card service. Each one of Jacquie's cards is a work of art that combines painting, animation, and music. Using the Jacquie Lawson Ecards app on iPad, Judy shows you how to create and send a card, and shares her favorite one, along with a bonus iPad tip.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Jacquie's Story [00:00:20]
  • How the Cards Are Organized [00:03:03]
  • A Few of Judy's Favorite Cards [00:04:29]
  • The Northern Lights Note Card [00:05:08]
  • Bonus iPad Keyboard Tip [00:06:51]
  • Gift Membership [00:09:43]

App Store Links:

Jacquie Lawson Ecards - App Store

Show Links:

Jacquie Lawson Ecards - Home

Jacquie Lawson Ecards - Behind the Scenes

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