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In this tip show, Rosemary introduces you to Mapstr, an iOS app and web service that lets you collect and tag locations to help you in your travel plans and while on holiday.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Add a Location
  • Viewing a Pin
  • Friends & Shared Maps
  • Mapstr CLUB

App Store Links:

iOS App Store - Mapstr

Show Links:

Website - Mapstr

Web Version - Mapstr

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Kurt Werstein

Users of Mapstr: If you have 'Alert me when I pass nearby' set to enabled, does the user get notified only one time, or does the notification occur each occurrence of when the user is within the geographic vicinity of the marked point of interest?


Kurt Werstein

Since 11 days have passed on my comment, as of this writing, I contacted the folks working on 'Mapstr' directly. I was sent the following: "The nearby alert will alert you each time'.

Rosemary Orchard

Hi Kurt! Sorry, I didn't see your first comment (I'll have to investigate why). Yes, it should notify you every time you pass by a place - until you turn the feature off for that pin.

Kurt Werstein

One other tidbit to share from my interaction with the Mapstr folks, I asked them about user-created Google Maps with user-defined points of interest. I was told that I am able to import the KML file generated from these maps for use in Mapstr. Great!

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