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Sometimes an app comes around that you didn't know you needed. With a proven pedigree in app development around media, thanks to releases like MusicHarbor and Play, Marcos Tanaka gives us MusicBox, a music application based on the premise of a Read-it-Later service. In this video, Lee shows you how to add music into MusicBox from a variety of sources, organise it with tags both manually and automatically, as well as create Smart Searches.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing & Adding Music [00:00:41]
  • Adding Music via URL [00:03:48]
  • Adding via Drag and Drop [00:05:33]
  • Adding via Shazam [00:06:03]
  • Adding by Searching Apple Music [00:07:23]
  • The Interface [00:07:51]
  • Creating Playlists from Tags [00:10:15]
  • Settings [00:11:16]
  • Set Up Auto-Tagging [00:13:33]
  • Smart Search [00:15:14]

MusicBox: Mac App Store

Show Links: Marcos Tanaka - Developer Site

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