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As a productivity coach, Lee has always been mindful of the fact that downtime is as important as uptime. He loves applications that allow him to make the most of this. Reeltime is a movie and TV show tracker that keeps a log of everything you have watched, informs you of upcoming releases, and helps you discover content from your favourite stars. In this video, Lee show you how to set up the app on iPhone, sync it with a Trakt account, and maintain lists of your preferred media titles.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Run & Sycing with Trakt [00:00:33]
  • Managing your Library [00:02:42]
  • Adding a New Entry [00:03:34]
  • Movies Tab [00:05:05]
  • Adding a TV Show [00:05:29]
  • Show Information [00:08:20]
  • Other Available Views [00:10:44]
  • ReelTime Settings [00:12:24]

App Store Links:

ReelTime - App Store

Show Links:

ReelTime - Home

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Antony Bacon

Lee, that looks like an interesting app, thanks for highlighting. I wonder, though, why I'd need both Reeltime and Trakt—don't they do the same things? I'm trying out Justwatch but have found the syncing between Mac and iPhone a bit flaky so far.

Lee Garrett

Hi Antony - I had Reeltime recommended from a friend, so in truth I've not checked out Trakt as a standalone app/service, which I believe I mentioned on the video - I just know that the way Reeltime is laid out and the feature set it has (and the very low cost!) means I wanted to show it off to you all. Feel free to feedback any thoughts on Trakt if you use it!

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