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If you want to be the most productive version of yourself, getting a good night's sleep is crucial because we all need to recharge. Yet it can be the area of our lives we neglect the most when deadlines are looming. Enter Sleep Cycle, a great app for helping track your sleep patterns, wake you at the most efficient time, and provide information on how you can improve. Join Lee as he walks you through how to set your intelligent alarms, read reports as well as find information to help you improve your sleep.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Sleep Health Resources [00:00:38]
  • Configuring Alarms [00:03:42]
  • Programs [00:05:34]
  • Unlocking Premium Features [00:06:10]
  • Journal [00:06:34]
  • Statistics [00:11:10]
  • Profile [00:11:45]

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Sleep Cycle - App Store

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Sleep Cycle - Product Site

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