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Allison this week tells you about an application that she's been using for years, and that's Under My Roof (né Home Inventory, which Allison covered back in 2014). The purpose of Under My Roof is to help you keep track of everything to do with your home. This includes all of the items that you own, from your car to your computer equipment, right down to your stamp collection. It also excels at keeping track of related documents, such as receipts, insurance policies, certificates, and the like. It is truly a fully-featured app and with Allison as your guide, you discover how it can assist in your quest to document everything under your roof.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Mac - Home Area [00:01:15]
  • Browse by Location [00:04:11]
  • Adding Entries from iPhone [00:05:27]
  • Adding Receipts from Inbox [00:06:58]
  • Categories [00:08:30]
  • Scan in by ISBN [00:10:11]
  • Collections [00:11:47]
  • Warranties [00:13:16]
  • Disposed Items [00:14:24]
  • New Category with New Fields [00:20:58]
  • Policies [00:23:05]
  • Search [00:23:36]
  • Moving Boxes [00:26:41]
  • More on Disposed Items [00:30:02]
  • Reports [00:30:45]
  • Options Panel & Settings [00:32:36]

App Store Links:

Under My Roof - Mac & iOS App Store

Show Links:

Binary Formations - Home

Under My Roof

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(2 comments posted)

Allison Sheridan

Allison here - I just realized I forgot to add a chapter mark for the Maintenance tasks, and it's one of the niftiest new features:

Maintenance Tasks and Supplies [16:55]


Jean-François Brissette

Thanks for this added information, Allison, will keep that in mind. Really enjoyed your screencast! :-)

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