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Following on from years of frustration with an unreliable and outdated home Wi-Fi network, Don has upgraded to a new UniFi powered system using a number of inexpensive UniFi Express access points. More commonly used in large scale, professional network setups, UniFi have introduced a low-cost yet powerful device which is an all in one cloud gateway, firewall and Wi-Fi access point.

Supporting up to 4 additional devices, the UnFi Express is a superb way to provide and extend your WiFi network at home or in a small office. Join Don as he sets up a new UniFi system and shows you many of its features and benefits along the way.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction [00:01:27]
  • UniFi Console [00:05:23]
  • Installation [00:12:26]
  • Setting Up First Unifi Express [00:15:15]
  • Adding an Additional Access Point [00:22:49]
  • More UniFi Features [00:26:21]
  • UniFi Settings [00:32:23]

App Store Links:

UniFi App

UniFi Verify

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UniFi Website

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Tim Bousky

Don, Thanks for the great review. I've been a user of the Ubiquiti products since 2020. Interestingly Ubiquiti was started by an ex Apple engineer working at the time on their wireless products. I agree they have an awesome set of features. I particularly like the Transporter feature which you touched on and allows me to VPN back into my home network. I also used the capabilities of Unifi to create a "secure" IOT and Guest VLANS in my home. Everything but my Synology NAS and ethernet connected computers are on my IOT network with the guest network reserved for visitors. One interesting thing I was able to do with Unifi is to allow my Apple TV sitting ethernet connected on my IOT network to securely access my Synology for media content on the secure network. I'm not a network engineer by any means so it took a bit of tinkering. Look forward to future tip videos as you explore the devices.

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