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Day One is a journaling application for Mac & iOS that is well designed and a complete joy to use. It makes journaling nearly frictionless, which is important if you want journaling to become a consistent habit. In this episode, we cover the ins and outs of Day One and show you several practical examples of how you can put Day One to work for you.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Explanation of pricing options
  • Different types of media you can use for your journals
  • Filters & Search
  • Passcode & Reminders
  • Sync
  • IFTTT integration
  • Journaling examples
  • 3D Touch (iOS)
  • Widgets (iOS)
  • Workflow examples on iOS

and much more!

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Day One - Mac App Store

Day One - App Store

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Reflection Workflow

Quotes Workflow

URL Workflow

Video Tutorial Comments

(11 comments posted)

Jeffrey Price

Great tutorial, however, I wish more time had been given to the Premium features. I have Day One Premium on my MacBook. I downloaded the iOS version to my iPhone and iPad. But, when I try to sync I get a splash screen urging me to upgrade to Premium! I can't see a way around this and I'm not willing to spend £22 per device for the Premium services.


Mike Schmitz

Hi Jeffrey, you shouldn't have to! Sounds like you bought the Mac app before they switched pricing models and you actually have Plus. From the FAQ:

"If you purchased Day One (version 2.0 or later) before June 28, 2017, so you get access to all the features you already paid for. These include ten photos per entry, ten journals, Day One Cloud services (sync, IFTTT, and end-to-end encryption), and so forth. Because this is based on your purchase history, it's possible you could see this status on an iOS device but not your Mac (or vice versa)."

Premium is the yearly subscription that gives you access to all versions of the app. Unfortunately, Plus is grandfathered in to people who bought the app, so I don't know a way to get Plus on your iOS devices after-the-fact.

Bili Odum

Could you kindly provide information on the Reader app you referred to. I could not locate the app online or in the App Store. Thank you for an excellent tutorial.


Mike Schmitz

Hi Bili, I believe you are looking for the app Reeder: http://reederapp.com/ios/

Gray Hodge

Hello Mike, just got around to viewing your tutorial. I’ve been using DayOne for a six years, have over 4000 entries now and thought I couldn’t learn anything new about it. Boy I was wrong!
Your review gave a me a renewed appreciation for this app. It is my number one app on iPhone, iPad and MBP.
I would be interested in how you use dayone re. your Bible Journal. I’ve wondered about using it for favourite texts, studies etc.
thanks again... loved your work.


Mike Schmitz

Hi Gray, thanks for the kind words :) Re: the Bible journal, I use it 2 ways: 1) to jot down the things that stand out to me from my personal study, 2) to store my notes from my Pastor's sermons. Occasionally I will be asked to preach at my church (I have a Bible College degree), and I find it extremely helpful to have a chronological list of things that spoke to me to draw from. I also find that approaching my study with the attitude of "what can I apply to my life right now?" makes it fresh and new. I've found I can read the same passage 100 times and if I expect to get something new from it, I will. SO the journal provides a framework of expectation - hope that makes sense!

Gray Hodge

Perfect sense, thanks for the reply, I’ve tended to use Evernote for a similar task, sermon notes, church planning etc. but. Day One would be better for a permanent record. (I have greater confidence in its future integrity)

David Simpson

Very helpful, Mike! I learned a lot, have renewed my journaling habit, and very much appreciate the time you invested to create such a useful and helpful presentation.

Ali Khalessi

The workflows in the tutorial are fantastic however the link links to shortcut app. Are the workflow available in shortcut?

Mike Schmitz

Looks like the links broke with the update to Shortcuts from Workflow. Here's some Shortcuts links, though I can't guarantee they will work exactly as shown in the tutorial anymore:

Daily Reflection: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/81b516f9399b4ec18d8082f3d9f2c40f
Quote: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/a2dc68c63c8741679cc719c1c5d4a221
Collected Goodness: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/a2dc68c63c8741679cc719c1c5d4a221

Mike Schmitz

(sorry, wrong link for Collected Goodness: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/c32eace40a9b4790a6680d919ca523e6)

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