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Renaming files in macOS can be a laborious process. There is a tool out there that not only makes the process easy but also gives you lots of flexibility, with granular renaming options: A Better Finder Rename.

Lee walks you through the application in detail, from the basics of renaming files through to creating mini-applications (called droplets) — before wrapping things up with a bonus tip.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Sequence Numbers
  • Renaming with Text
  • Manipulating Characters
  • Using Date and Time
  • Alternative Sequencing
  • Using Tags
  • Additional Categories
  • Presets
  • Filtering
  • Droplets
  • Preferences
  • Bonus

Show Links:

A Better Finder Rename - Developer Site

Q&A and Troubleshooting

Video Tutorial Comments

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John Russell

Better Finder Rename looks like a godsend! Before I adopt this and use it, though, I have the problem of duplicate images—2, 3 or 4 of the same photo. (I let syncing get out of hand somehow!!) Any such thing as a "Better Finder Duplicate Remover" ????to help me reliably get rid of dupes? Renaming duplicates doesn't seem to be constructive. Many thanks for this video!!

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