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In this tutorial, Rosemary shows you the new features added to Drafts for Mac since its launch. You learn about dictation, multiple window support, and merging drafts, before diving deep into the headline feature: Actions.

As well as finding out what Actions and Action groups are, you learn how to install and edit them. You also see how Actions can be created from scratch. Rose concludes this screencast with a look at Workspaces, which combines tags and Actions to help you improve your efficiency and productivity while using Drafts.

The full tutorial covers

  • Dictation
  • Multiple Windows
  • Merge Drafts
  • Actions & Action Groups
  • Editing Action Group
  • Installing Actions
  • Actions Documentation
  • Workspaces

App Store Links: Drafts by Agile Tortoise - Mac App Store

Show Links: Drafts for macOS - ScreenCastsOnline

Drafts Templates Short Codes

Drafts Action Directory

Drafts Documentation for Actions

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Thomas Richards

I have Drafts 17.2.5 Pro but my Markdowns Group does not have the same options as yours. I am missing something?


Thomas Richards

Never mind. It would help if I watched the entire video before posting questions!

Great Job!

Richard Bush

Thank you for your video. It was very educational for me and immediately had me considering ways I will be able to use it effectively. All the best.

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