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In this video, Rosemary shows you how to use Finances 2 for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Finances is a financial software application that can let you track all of your income and expenses across multiple apps and see which categories take up the most when it comes to your money.

Finances offers both automatically generated graphs as well as a traditional register or spreadsheet-like view. It comes with two templates to help you get started with personal or business accounting and lets you attach scans, screenshots or photos of invoices to transactions to keep everything running smoothly. On iOS it also has support for template transactions and Siri Shortcuts, to let you track the flow of your money with just a few taps.

The full tutorial covers

  • Installation and Creating a Journal
  • Add Currency
  • Importing CSV File
  • Managing Categories
  • Search
  • Transaction Details
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Drag & Drop Transactions
  • Preferences on Mac
  • Finances 2 on iPadOS
  • Finances 2 on iPhone

App Store Links:

Finances 2 - iOS App Store

Finances 2 - macOS App Store

Show Links:

Finances 2 User Guide - Finances Website

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