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Finding files on your Mac can be a difficult and sometimes a frustrating task because of their sheer number — we all have so many! HoudahSpot is an application that allows you to do refined searches to get just the files you are looking for and includes several useful presets right out of the box.

We have covered HoudahSpot in the past so this screencast from Todd focuses on the updates that version 6 brings to the search party.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Interface Changes in Version 6
  • Automatic Search Results
  • Enhanced File Path Display
  • New Column Options
  • Quick Use of Snippets
  • Installing Mail Search Plug-in
  • Searching Apple Mail
  • Create Snippets from Searches
  • Tag Cloud
  • Search Using Filters
  • Top Level Search
  • Grouped Results
  • Missing Properties
  • Recent Searches & Sharing Searches
  • Third-Party Integration

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HoudahSpot 6 - HomeWhat’s New in HoudahSpot 6.0 

Video Tutorial Comments

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Alan Legg

Great overview of the changes to version 6, thanks. I'm happy that they managed to get access to the Mail app again, I use this in place of Spotlight's search tool to find everything. Good to see how others use it, especially how you take time to refine your searches. The templates and snippets will be used a lot more now.

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