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If you've ever wanted to learn WordPress but don't want to spend the money on hosting a site on the internet, how about running it locally on your Mac? Or perhaps you have a WordPress blog but you want to experiment with changing the look and feel to modernize it. Instead of interrupting your online presence, you could experiment with a local installation of WordPress on your Mac.

In this tutorial, Allison will walk you through the installation of a free piece of software called MAMP. She'll explain in detail how MAMP gives you a web server, a database and a scripting language, and the easy steps to configure them so you can run WordPress locally.

The steps themselves will probably take you into unknown territory but they're not that hard to follow. After WordPress is running, she'll give you some very basic instruction in creating Pages and Posts in WordPress and then installing Themes and Plugins. She'll show you where these files go on your Mac so you understand what's happening under the hood.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction to MAMP
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installing & Running MAMP
  • MAMP Preferences
  • phpMyAdmin First Look
  • Downloading WordPress
  • Create Database Using phpMyAdmin
  • Edit WordPress Configuration File
  • Run WordPress Install Script
  • Configure MAMP for wp-admin
  • Pages & Posts in WordPress
  • Preinstalled Themes
  • Install & Activate New Theme
  • Plugins
  • Plugins Running Locally

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David Bennett

Very clear and well presented.

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