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In this screencast, Lee walks through an alternative to the native Finder application on macOS: Path Finder 8 from Cocoatech.

Using this powerful and feature-rich application, you learn how to be more efficient when navigating and organising files using features such as Dual Browser and Tab Sets. Lee also covers other built-in tools, like Convert Image, Batch Renaming, FolderSync and the very flexible Find feature.

The full tutorial covers

  • Installation
  • Interface
  • Tabs
  • Sidebar
  • Drop Stack
  • Toolbar
  • Convert Image
  • Secure Delete
  • Select Tool
  • Finding Content
  • Smart Sorting
  • Batch Renaming
  • Folder Sync
  • Modules
  • Preferences

Show Links:

Cocoatech Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Justin Kahn

Very nice overview. One thing not mentioned/shown is that the app looks great in dark mode in Mojave and the issue raised in the show about which dual window is active is clearer as the active one is grey and the inactive is black. Watching the show made me want to open Path Finder up and start using it again.


Lee Garrett

Thanks Justin and that's a very good point. I'm so old school, and haven't fully embraced the Dark Mode culture yet! You'd think with an iPhone XS Max I'd be Dark Mode everywhere, but not quite there yet. I'll think I'll add it now as a pre-record checklist to look at whether the app supports dark mode and occasionally switch modes to offer the experience of both.

Great stuff!

Richard Bruning

I've been pondering what utility I need to get more out of the old, venerable and underpowered Finder. I've tried Forklift, which was ok but didn't solve enough problems and was weak on customization. I remember having Pathfinder 6 from WAY back in the day (2012??) but this new version, well presented by you, has got my $40! Very useful functionality I'd likely not know about except as presented by an experienced (not "old"!) Mac User like you! Thanks, Lee!

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