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SoundSource from Rogue Amoeba takes your Mac's audio capabilities to the next level with a host of flexible options. This week, Allison shows you how it can route audio to different outputs on a per-app basis, change the volume independently by app, and even process the audio with equalizers and other built-in Audio Unit effects.

Rogue Amoeba builds accessibility into their apps from the ground up, and Allison gives you a demonstration of how SoundSource can be used with VoiceOver on macOS. You also learn how to use Magic Boost and the new Volume Overdrive, as well as getting around the SoundSource window using keyboard shortcuts.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing and Download
  • First Run
  • Preferences
  • SoundSource vs. Sound Preferences
  • Advanced Settings - Input Devices
  • Advanced Settings - Output Devices
  • Controlling Application Audio
  • Magic Boost
  • Add More Applications
  • Special Sources
  • Secret Menu for Running Processes
  • Using VoiceOver with SoundSource
  • Advanced Effects for Apps
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • System and Manual

Show Links:

Rogue Amoeba - SoundSource

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Tommy Weir

Excellent Alison, as always. Have to love everything Rogue Amoeba do, answered the need that arose within the last week, all of us at home, definitely more control over audio needed.

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