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We bring you something a bit different for the last show of 2022, as Don goes through his Top 10 apps for this past year, 5 on the Mac and 5 on iPhone. He shows you how each one integrates in his daily routine.

The full tutorial covers

  • CleanShot X [00:00:54]
  • OmniFocus [00:04:09]
  • Alfred [00:07:42]
  • 1Password [00:13:16]
  • Craft [00:16:38]
  • Tesla App [00:21:34]
  • MyEnergi [00:24:33]
  • Home [00:26:14]
  • Sonos [00:27:33]
  • Overcast [00:28:21]

Show Links:

ScreenCastsOnline Tutorials on the apps covered in this video:





CleanShot X



Setapp Subscription - ScreenCastsOnline Affiliate Link

Alfred Workflow - 1Password

Alfred Workflow - Notes

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Kurt Werstein

Thank you for including links to the relevant SCO tutorials for the apps mentioned in this video.


Don McAllister

No problem Kurt!

Sean D'Souza

I found this round-up of apps really valuable because I've not been a member for a while. And getting back to the site was wonderful, but also having a summary is great. It also gives me an idea to do summaries for my own podcast. Thanks, Don.


Don McAllister

Excellent! Glad you found it useful Sean

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