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Continuing our focus on the apps we get as part of our operating systems, this week we are looking at Calendar on the Mac. There is no shortage of third-party calendar applications to tempt us, and it's true that many of them are compelling and offer unique power user features along with beautiful, modern interfaces. However if you need an application that is reliable, connects with a large number of calendar providers, and interacts with other built-in applications like Mail and Contacts, then you need only look at Apple's Calendar app.

In this video, you learn about all of the main features with Lee as your guide, from the basics of event entry and management, all the way to configuring time-to-leave alerts as well as printing full-size planners.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Adding Calendar Accounts [00:00:48]
  • Adding Calendars to Your Accounts [00:04:25]
  • The Interface [00:07:08]
  • Adding Events [00:09:39]
  • Scheduling Repeating Events [00:14:25]
  • Location and Time To Leave Alerts [00:16:33]
  • Configuring Alerts [00:19:30]
  • Meeting Invites [00:20:26]
  • Checking Availability [00:25:27]
  • Scheduling FaceTime Calls [00:26:51]
  • Notes and Attachments [00:27:27]
  • Sharing Calendars [00:27:57]
  • More Built-in Calendars [00:30:50]
  • Working with Time Zones [00:31:56]
  • Alternative Calendars [00:33:33]
  • Other Settings [00:34:15]
  • Printing [00:35:28]
  • Keyboard Shortcuts [00:37:40]
  • Widgets [00:38:35]

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