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Some of the stock applications on our Apple devices can be overlooked when the latest, greatest third-party application releases a new update, or a trendy new app gets launched. Apple's own Notes app is an example of one such application that deserves to be covered more, as it's a solid option for a large majority of users who need a place to store short notes, long-form text, attachments, and more.

In this first video in a two-part series, Lee shows you how to add different accounts to your Notes application, create and format notes and work with attachments. You also learn how to create links between your notes.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Adding Accounts [00:02:13]
  • Creating and Formatting Notes [00:07:10]
  • Working with Checklists [00:12:01]
  • Working with Tables [00:14:37]
  • Drawing Tools in Apple Notes [00:19:22]
  • Working with Attachments [00:24:01]
  • Working with Note Links [00:33:36]
  • Data Detection [00:36:25]

Video Tutorial Comments

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Edward Miron

This tutorial could have been a little more helpful and saved me some time searching if Lee would have mentioned some of the specific things that Notes cannot do. For instance I learned that in Apple notes one cannot resize a column in a table to fit the text. Also in Notes for the iPhone, unlike Notes for the Mac one is unable to center justify text.


Lee Garrett

Hi Edward - thanks ever so much for the feedback. I understand fully.

I would say however that at the outset for Tables, I said not to expect anything groundbreaking, Apple's implementation here is incredibly basic and there is a LOT that it cannot do. I wish it did, I may use it more myself but some of the most basic functionality just isn't there.

I've noted what you have said however, for consideration in future videos.

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