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In episode 1341, Lee released the first part of his deep dive into Apple Notes, covering how to create notes, format them, create links and work with attachments.  In this second installment, he focuses on organising your notes using folders, tags and Smart Folders. Lee also covers collaborating with others and exporting your notes for use with other applications.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Using Quick Notes [00:00:26]
  • Organising with Folders [00:07:21]
  • Pinning Notes [00:12:06]
  • Using Tags [00:13:09]
  • Using Smart Folders [00:17:21]
  • Searching In Notes [00:21:33]
  • Locking Notes [00:24:10]
  • Sharing and Collaboration [00:29:16]
  • Mentions in Shared Notes [00:34:56]
  • Export Options [00:36:09]
  • Importing Stickies [00:37:41]
  • Other Settings in Notes [00:39:25]

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