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This week Allison brings you two unrelated topics: useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up text editing, and a hidden gem in your Applications folder, and that is Image Capture.

Writing on a computer is much faster than doing it by hand. Editing text, however, can quickly become tedious because you often have to stop the flow of typing to reach for a mouse or trackpad. In this first segment, Allison shows you her favorite keyboard shortcuts to help you get rid of that friction when editing text, and also when navigating a web page or a PDF.

in the second half of the tutorial, you're introduced to a macOS utility called Image Capture. You learn how to import photos from your iOS devices and how to triage large files to free up storage if you don't use iCloud Photos. Allison also shows you how to make contact sheets of your images, and even how to make little web pages with selected photos.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Text Editing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Forward/Back by Word
  • End/Beginning of a Line
  • End/Beginning of a Paragraph
  • End/Beginning of a Document
  • Navigations in Web Browser
  • Add Shift to Select Text
  • The Control Key
  • Open New Line
  • Delete to End of Line
  • Swap Characters
  • True Delete Key
  • Delete with Other Keys
  • Using Keystrokes to Rename Files
  • Navigating PDFs
  • Image Capture
  • Image Capture First Run
  • Why Can't I Delete?
  • Sort
  • Preview
  • MakePDF
  • Build Web Page
  • Take Picture
  • Using Continuity Camera
  • Scanning

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