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As suggested in the weekly newsletter (and subsequently requested by many members) Don demonstrates in this week's show how he has set about configuring his new Mac mini and Apple Studio Display. And rather than trading in his 2017 iMac Pro, he is utilising both machines in his desktop setup and shows you how they’re connected to work together.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Upgrade Time [00:00:46]
  • Mac mini Configuration [00:03:23]
  • Using Migration Assistant [00:04:31]
  • File Sharing [00:07:06]
  • Thunderbolt Networking [00:10:31]
  • Universal Control [00:17:26]
  • Luna Display [00:21:04]
  • Backups [00:24:23]

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Luna Display

Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

Kurt Werstein

Just curious, do you elect not to use an actual photograph of yourself on your personal account for any particular security reason?


Don McAllister

Nope. Just never got round to it. Also, I’m not a great fan of staring at myself. It’s bad enough on social media :)

Ferrers Young

Most interesting… Using my late 2015 27" iMac as my M2 Pro Mac mini's primary display with a Luna dongle over Ethernet + have a secondary 24" 4K LG display. Need to set up access to the iMac's storage…

Please do a follow-up of any enhancements that you make to your setup.

S Jones

Sorry if I am misunderstanding this but at 27:33, if the option to 'Remove deleted files from the backup' is selected', won't it then do the opposite of what you want which is "when I delete or remove files those files will be copied across."?

S Jones

Sorry Don, I didn't see the end bit!

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