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Do you sometimes wonder if you can get more out of your Mac? In this video, Darcy takes you through the Shortcuts app, which helps you automate repetitive tasks using actions that you can connect in a myriad of ways. Learn how to easily combine PDFs, split screens, rename files, and a lot more. These examples all come from the Gallery, and are a great way to introduce you to Shortcuts without the need to dive deep into actions as you get your first glimpse of the app. Darcy wraps up by showing you how to build a simple shortcut to track a saving goal, using a third-party app's Shortcuts actions.

The full tutorial covers:

  • What's a shortcut? [00:00:51]
  • Opening the Gallery [00:03:03]
  • RoutineHub [00:04:26]
  • Turn Text to Audio [00:05:11]
  • Stop Distractions [00:05:43]
  • Batch Add Reminders [00:06:22]
  • Split Screen [00:06:55]
  • Tile Last Windows [00:07:49]
  • Rename Files [00:08:05]
  • Create Meeting Note [00:09:19]
  • Make PDF [00:09:45]
  • Bulk Tag Notes [00:10:45]
  • Meme Maker [00:11:35]
  • Make GIF [00:12:15]
  • Convert burst to GIF [00:12:47]
  • Remove Background from Portrait [00:13:21]
  • Time Machine [00:14:05]
  • Where Was This Taken? [00:14:30]
  • Clean Up Photos [00:14:49]
  • Clean Up Screenshots [00:15:24]
  • Activating Shortcuts [00:15:52]
  • Creating a Saving Goal Shortcut [00:17:52]

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Shortcuts on Mac - User Guide


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