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If you're new to the Mac or even a seasoned user, it's always helpful to learn more ways to become a master of macOS. In this third series of Tiny Mac Tips, Allison gives playful and interesting examples to teach you how to add shortcuts to menu items that don't have them, how to get that elusive "Save As…" option back, close all windows with a single click, and a lot more. You're sure to learn new tips, and even remember ones you'd forgotten about!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to Menu Items [00:00:40]
  • Advanced Spotlight Search [00:05:49]
  • Paste & Match Style [00:11:01]
  • Browse Versions & Save As [00:12:37]
  • Change Which App Opens Files [00:15:25]
  • Change and Copy Icon Using Get Info [00:17:34]
  • Two Micro Tips! [00:19:37]
  • Collapse and Expand All [00:21:04]
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Finder Views [00:23:24]

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