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iBooks is now Books and has had a complete revamp.

The changes are more pronounced on iOS 12 with new "Reading Now" and "Want to Read" sections.

This week I take you on a tour of Books on both macOS and iOS.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Books on macOS
  • Audiobooks on macOS
  • Books on iOS 12
  • Sync Settings

Video Tutorial Comments

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Eva Bravo

I still think that Books is a program in which Apple has put little effort, especially for the number of readers we read Ipad or Mac. Could you recommend some alternative to read and organize books? Books is painful organizing books. Thanks!


Don McAllister

Hi Eva,

The only other App I use to read books is the Kindle App. But that does mean buying books from Amazon.

James S

Agree. I'm not on Mojave yet (eg. for reasons inc. Fujitsu ScanSnap sw isn't supported on it!). Yet when I do upgrade, I bet it still doesn't let you properly edit any new metadata fields, nor see the front cover in large before opening the book.

"Calibre" app may do organising (can't remember), I know it can edit metadata and convert ebook formats – but dunno how good it is at any/all of said functions. :-/

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