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macOS Mojave comes with a slew of fonts in many different styles, allowing you to create beautifully formatted documents in your app of choice.

But what if you can't find a font you like or are looking for that special look? Using Font Book on the Mac, you can download and install extra fonts, both free or purchased.

In this tip video, Don demonstrates how to get the most out of this handy utility.

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Colin Campbell

Nice intro to Fontbook Don. Might you consider doing more tutorials on font management? I have over 400 fonts and I'm sure some people will have many more than that. I probably use about a dozen at most, and many of them look like I will never use them, so what's the best approach to take? How does font deactivation work for example?


Don McAllister

Hi Colin,

Thanks! It's easy to build up a library of fonts that you end up not using - perhaps we could take a look at this in the future.


James S

Colin, I think you could leave them, TBH, as it's more strife than it'd be worth doing.

Put it this way, the ~500 fonts on my main 2016 MBP15" take take up less than 200MB – peanuts in todays storage terms, me thinks.


Colin Campbell

Hi James, it's not the disk space that bothers me, it's when I have a to choose a font in eg. a word processor, I get a pop-up of over 400 to wade through to choose one. It would be nice to have a short list of just the few I'm likely to use for letter writing say.

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