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Whilst using a trackpad and mouse can be easy and effective, having full control of your keyboard is a must.

Many people take this to the next level by invoking "Full Keyboard Access" allowing them to reach parts of macOS you never thought possible with the keyboard.

This week's tip video shows you how to switch on "Full Keyboard Access" and demonstrates its usage.

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David Bennett

My only concern is that I will hit some key combination and not be able to figure out working backwards how I managed to kill the screen/change the resolution/delete an app/ etc. Have you had the happen? It's a long, long time since it happened but I recall once changing screen resolution (it may have been a PC) and being unable to get to the bits I needed to get to in order to correct things.


Hi David,

Not really as it’s not something that happens often and you can always switch back to the Mouse to navigate.

Jamie Peak

Great tip video!

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