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With the imminent advent of macOS Catalina, Don takes you through some sensible steps to prepare your Mac for an upgrade.

Using four separate utilities, you can clean and update your Mac, as well as check that all of your applications are ready for macOS Catalina, which will only support 64-bit applications. Don also reminds you of the importance of creating a fresh clone of your system disk before you take the leap and upgrade.

The full tutorial covers:

  • CleanMyMac X
  • MacUpdater
  • Go64
  • SuperDuper

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CleanMyMac X - Setapp




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CleanMyMac X



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(3 comments posted)

James S

Mojave last version download link (should open in all country Mac App Stores):

For those who forgot to grab before the surprise release of Catalina, who may want the last version for possible future re-use (on a USB stick I still have Mav/Yo/El Cap/Sierra/Hi Sierra/Mo ...just in case!).

Jeffery Yates

If your Mac includes the Apple T2 Security Chip, booting from external drives is disabled by default, so your bootable SuperDuper! backup won't work. Here's a link to an Apple article that tells you how to change this so you can boot an external drive:


James S

Yeah, the new containers storage system has certain nuances, one might want to be aware of.
In a related story, folks might want to see Allison Sheridan’s show #751 (time: 28:49), re. a related story from a contributor about a bricked machine:

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