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If you want to get to items quickly on macOS, you don't have to use a third-party launcher program such as Alfred, LaunchBar or Raycast. For years, there has been a built-in utility at your fingertips, and that's Spotlight, which has received a lot of love from Apple recently. It's more than just a way to get to your files and launch applications and in this video, Lee shows you many different use cases for it, many of which might be new to you.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Invoking Spotlight [00:00:39]
  • Selecting Results [00:01:58]
  • Overview of Spotlight Categories [00:02:31]
  • Using Maps [00:03:33]
  • Defining Words [00:04:00]
  • Non-standard Files [00:04:44]
  • Documents [00:04:53]
  • Photos [00:05:12]
  • Web History [00:06:07]
  • Siri Knowledge [00:06:45]
  • Targeted Searching [00:07:10]
  • Searching by Date [00:07:58]
  • System Settings [00:08:14]
  • Contacts [00:08:39]
  • Calculations [00:09:01]
  • Conversions [00:09:10]
  • World Clock [00:09:35]
  • Customising Spotlight [00:09:54]

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